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Everybody Edits

Everybody Edits is a 2d sandbox flash game where you can build worlds that others can join. I have made various 'bots' in C# which allows world to become significantly more interactive.

Fastmapler's Minebot

First Hosted 2015
Fastmapler's Minebot

I made this world inspired by many other digbots that have existed. Rather than being a simple pop-up bot, I designed Minebot to be a full-fleshed game. This bot features a saving system, drills, wide variety of ores and more! Minebot is by far one of my bigest projects.

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Fastmapler's Drawbot

First Hosted 2016

This simple gamemode is similar to a game of Pictionary. A player will become able to draw, and must draw out the object they are given. Whoever guesses the word firt becomes the drawer.

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