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I have been playing Blockland for some time. Outside the projects listed, I have also made many other projects such as a Wolfenstein 3D weapon pack, a fixed version of Zapk's Prop Hunt, and much more.


Weapon Add-On, Released Soon(tm)

Blast your friends away with this automatic plasma cannon! Don't fire too much though, since whoever made this didn't consider the fact that this gun will overheat very quickly.

Download coming soon.

SuperCut Launcher

Tool Add-On, Released Aug 26, 2018

The SuperCut launcher allows you to create holes in bricks, similar to the SuperCut function in Zeblote's Duplicator. It comes with a resizable rectangle and a toggable option to fill in the target location.

Download it here! (Blockland Forums)

Anonymous Freebuild

Server Gamemode, First Hosted January 2019

Lets not discuss this.

Check out the thread! (Blockland Forums)

Underground War

Server Gamemode, First Hosted ~2018

In this CTF gamemode, players must reach the other teams flag by digging underground. Players can play offensively by rushing underground to the other team's side, or go defensive by manning the sniper towers. Tools such as the Prop Tool or Bear Traps can also be used to a team's advantage. This game was inspired by the orginal Roblox map of the same name.

Check out the thread! (Blockland Forums)

Solar Apocalypse X

Server Gamemode, First Hosted ~Fall 2017

Built upon Xalo's gamemode, Solar Apocalypse Expanded adds a ton of new content to the game, with a particular focus on survival. Players are given a wide arsenal of weapons to craft to defend themselves from the fiery undead. The gamemode features machinery which can be built and powered using many methods such as solar power and biofuel.

Check out the thread! (Blockland Forums)